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    2x Seasick Bracelet Sets

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    Put an end to seasickness with the Official Seasick Bracelet. The reusable bracelets use a Natural Ancient Acupressure Technique to relieve motion sickness in minutes. They work by applying gentle pressure to your Pericardium 6 (P6) points which are clinically proven to ease nausea.

    People use the SeaSick Bracelet to help prevent and treat nausea related to boats, cars, planes and even morning sickness. The bracelets are drug-free and non-invasive to ensure they are 100% safe to use. Unlike other anti-nausea bracelets, ours are reusable, long-lasting and don’t require batteries. This way, you can be sure it will work when you need it most.

    Boating is supposed to be fun. Make the most of your time on the water and don’t worry about motion sickness killing the vibe. The bracelets are a low-risk method for nausea relief, unlike medications and patches. We also offer bundle packages to ensure your family, crew, or guests are all taken care of. Get your Official Seasick Bracelet today and say goodbye to motion sickness.

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